The Well Woman Clinic

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We recognize the unique being of a woman and offer a solution to the rich mixture of stresses that present a unique set of problems for the woman. If diagnosed early, problems such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac conditions, fibroids can be treated with a high degree of success. We also advise our clients on suitable preventive measures such as stress management, weight control, exercise, self-breast examination etc, ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Women are encouraged to visit this clinic at least once a year for a comprehensive physical examination and a full consultation with a medical specialist/gynaecologist. The tests to be conducted include Haemogram, Urinalysis, Pap Smear and Random blood sugar test.

Key Procedures

The PAP Smear Test

Cancer of the cervix is the most common gynaecological cancer in women in Kenya today and leads to death of many women. By the time a woman notices changes that alert her to the problem, the cancer in most cases is already advanced. However, the onset can be detected by a simple test -the Pap Smear, and can be treated inexpensively before it becomes advanced. The Pap Smear Test takes only a few minutes and the results are released within 24 hours. The Pap Smear Test would reveal uterine or cervical cancer at an early stage, when no visible symptoms or other damage is apparent. At this stage the cancer is completely and simply curable.

Breast Clinic

Early detection is your breast protection. Breast health is one area in your life where you can take control. You can take control by talking to your friends, family and your doctor about your breast health. Everyone should learn and practice Breast Self-Examination starting from puberty and continue throughout life. A good place to start would be by you visiting our clinic and having a session with our doctors.
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Abdominal myomectomy

A cut is made in the lower part of the stomach and then the fibroids are excised from the walls of the uterus. It is recommended if the fibroid is big and intensely attached. The patient requires two days of hospital stay. In Laparoscopic myomectomy, several small incisions are made in the lower part of the stomach and Carbon dioxide gas is filled and the procedure is done by means of special device that has light and camera. The patient needs one day of hospital stay.

Laparoscopic Salpingectomy

The infected fallopian tubes are removed by this procedure. It is done due to blocked tubes or during ectopic pregnancy. It is performed as a day care procedure.