Family Planning

Consulted By Experienced Doctors

We offer and provide a range Contraception clinics offer a range of services and can provide:
·         Confidential advice about contraception
·         The combined oral contraceptive pill
·         The Progestogen- only pill
·         Progestogen contraceptive injections
·         Insertion or removal of the contraceptive implant
·         Limited supplies of free condoms
·         Free emergency contraception
·         Confidential advice about STIs and STI testing
·         Cervical screening
·         Unplanned pregnancy advice
·         Free pregnancy tests
·         Pre-conception (pre-pregnancy) advice and information on fertility problems
·         Fitting and checking of caps, diaphragms, IUDs (intrauterine devices, or coils) and IUSs (intrauterine systems, or hormonal coils)