Antenatal And Post Natal Clinics

Consulted By Experienced Doctors

Many women, confirmation of pregnancy is usually after taking a home test or after a hospital visit for regular check up. After a positive pregnancy result, most women wonder about the most ideal time to begin attending antenatal clinics so that they can be advised on the best way to take care of themselves and their unborn baby. Although the debate on the right time to begin is still ongoing with many preferring to start at twelve weeks, we advise on starting the visits as early as possible.


The benefits of starting antenatal clinic visits early in the pregnancy are diverse, with the most common ones being:

Prevention of Miscarriages

Although most pregnancies get to full term with no complications, some women face dangers early on that need to be addressed if their baby is to grow well. At antenatal clinics, complications such as hypertension, anemia and diabetes can be detected and treated early thereby reducing chances of miscarriages

Get advice on Pregnancy Nutrition

Eating well and regularly is important for proper development of your unborn baby. At the antenatal clinic, pregnant women are advised on the best foods to eat and which ones to avoid. They are also given iron supplements that are important in the development of the baby’s brain and other internal organs.

Information on Birthing Options

Many women grow up believing myths surrounding delivery and birthing options available. However, attending antenatal sessions allows you and your partner to get all your questions about the birthing process and delivery answered by our medical professionals.